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Get Updates  Be first to know when new models are released

Frequently Asked Questions

Come and talk tiny homes with us! Take an inspirational tour of our showroom, chat about your ideas with our designers or book a zoom consultation today.


Our Tiny Homes are delivered from a – b via our trustworthy towing company, which offers ‘million dollar insurance’ as peace of mind for our customers.

If you have concerns about delivery to your property we can review images of the space to make suggestions on how to best manoeuvre your tiny home in place.

If you have a difficult property where a tow truck or similar cannot easily get your tiny home to its desired spot, we can organise for a crane if required.


We take payment for your Tiny Home in four installments throughout the build. these are to be agreed upon at the time of signing your contracts.

Tiny Homes are considered “caravans” and don’t currently require council approval, as long as they remain on wheels. We recommend that you always contact or research your local council for further information on the regulations in your area.

*See Tiny Home maximum dimension to find out about regulations on size

*If you hook your home up to sewerage, you will need to have council approval

*You will also need council approval if you wish to remove the wheels and have your Tiny Home become a permanent dwelling


We would love for you to come in and walk through our current builds. We prefer bookings by appointment where possible, which you can do by contacting us under the book an appointment tab and letting us know when best suits you.


Tiny Home & Co loves to provide complimentary quotes. By booking a consultation appointment with us, you can expect a quote based on your individual needs and nothing more.

Tiny Homes are much like caravans in water hook-up, and depending on if you are off-grid or hooking up to your house will determine how you go about your water setup.

If you are off-grid, one option is to obtain a rainwater tank and a simple hose connection can be connected from your tiny home to its tank.

If you are near your house and want to use your home’s water supply, simply hook up using a hose or have your plumber organise a more permanent connection.

*The customer is responsible for how they organise their grey water disposal

Tiny Home & Co do offer a full setup of your home, at an additional cost. Otherwise, the customer will need to organise the following for arrival and setup:

• A level area
• Clearance for TH placement [trees/debris should be removed, and a clear pathway created]
• TH don’t love to be towed on a large sloping gradient as they aren’t fixed to the ground. Our team will best discuss the best solution for your property or environment.
• Pavers or besser blocks are recommended to level and support the trailer legs of your Tiny Home


Standard warranty is as follows:

• Galvanished steel chassis [12 month warranty]
• Structural warrant to the first location [12 month warranty]
• All appliances [12 month warranty]

note: this does not include the individual manufacturer’s warranty


As Tiny Homes become more popular insurers are starting to recognise the need for an insurance policy. One company that will insure your tiny home is CIL Insurance (dependent on how you plan to use your tiny home). 

You will need to do your research to see decide on which insurer you’d like to use.

Depending on current projects being completed, we average build wait time to be approximately 16-18 weeks.

Ask our team when we can estimate your build start date.

Tiny Home & Co are able to do any dimension that the customer wants! However, legally we are limited…

• We do most of our builds between 6-9M long, 2.5M wide and 4M high.
• We can do a width wider than 2.5M, however, you will then need to have a wide load permit for towing.
• Maximum height is 4.3m and length, 12m. 

No – you can have any design you like! speak to our team about different options NOW!

• We offer ground level tiny homes where the bed is on the ground floor and there is no ‘climbing’ necessary.
• We can also have the loft lower to the ground allowing you to walk up a few stair and walk upright into your loft area so that no bending down is required.


On average our Tiny Homes only weigh up to 2.5 tonne.

Our 6M Tiny home is rated to 3.5 tonne, and our 8M Tiny Home is rated at 4.5 tonne.

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