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Be first to know when new models are released

Get Updates  Be first to know when new models are release
Get Updates  Be first to know when new models are released

Tiny House Builder Sunshine Coast

Lock-up stage to luxury tiny homes delivered Australia wide


Solar power and battery storage for tiny homes – giving you the freedom to live sustainably. Learn more

Tiny Homes built on the Sunshine Coast

Visit our showroom

Take a tour and experience our models in reality. View our tiny house builds in progress and talk with our expert designers about how we can bring your vision to life. As leaders in the Australian tiny home industry, absolutely love showing off our newest tiny houses and most recent innovations. Take a tour and be inspired!

Need more space?

Modular Tiny Houses

Where a small space simply won’t suffice, our customised modular tiny houses are the ideal solution. Install a spacious abode to suit your lifestyle, have the freedom to relocate and the confidence that your factory built portable home has a minimal environmental footprint. The design and configuration options for our prefabricated modular homes are limitless!

We are an accredited builder and offer certified tiny homes,  granny flats and studios in suburban and rural landscapes.

Options & Accessories

At Tiny Home and Co, we work with you to make your tiny home dream a reality with endless design options, finishes, fittings and accessories to customise your Tiny Home space. Learn more


Our tiny houses are a conscious choice for those who seek to live in alignment with our planet. Built with the environment in mind, our designs minimise the impact on our habitat, no matter your location.


Versatile tiny home designs that offer an innovative solution for your lifestyle. Our expert team will work with you, creating the compact space of your dreams to extend your living space and enhance your lifestyle.


Step inside our tiny homes and feel abundant space in a small area. Our minimalist and refined design approach ensures an attractive and simplistic aesthetic with optimised use of space and livability.

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